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My Return To Blogging Plans & Reading Goals:

Firstly just let me say that I’m so, so sorry for disappearing for so long. It wasn’t planned in the slightest. I’ve missed blogging a lot and don’t really know what happened. And now, truthfully, it’s hard to know exactly where to start with everything. My desire to share my most anticipated books of 2022 has pushed me to make a return though…and the fact that we’re nearing the end of January has made me realize that I should hurry up and schedule it…

Blogging Plans:

So let’s get down to business; my first proper return post, excluding this one, will be ‘My Most Anticipated Releases of 2022’ which I seriously cannot wait to share with you all (and have split into two parts as it was ridiculously long). These are always so much fun to write and I just adore reading other people’s and discovering even more exciting new books as well. That will be followed up with another anticipated releases post, this time purely for sequels. Then, I admit, I may not post too much for a while as I really want to make a bit of a dent in my TBR before returning to blogging fully. I do have a list of my 2020 & 2021 reads to share though. And I will try and get a couple of my catch up posts shared over this time too, do a bit of blog hopping and stay up to date with comments…no more answering them five months late!

So catch up wise? Well there’s a lot…seriously.

My Monthly Release Posts from May 2020 up until now.
19 Tags
My reviews for 2020 & 2021

Once I’ve caught up with all of that (mostly, anyway) I’ll start my Literacy Lists and TBR Thursday posts back up. Then next year I’d love to finally start the Fairytale Retelling series that I’ve had planned for ages now and also sort out exactly what else I have saved within my draft posts (without looking I know that I have a now out of date books to TV/movies adaptation post, a new series called ‘Meet The TBR’ that I began but never shared and a Library Haul. Oops).

Of course I also have to catch up with all of your wonderful content too. I can’t wait to read some more of your fantastic posts! And hopefully get my scarily overcrowded inbox sorted over time. (I have over 1800 emails related to blogging at the time of posting this. And that’s after an initial clear out and several catch up sessions.)

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The Mid Year Freak Out (A Few Chapters ’til Love)

Yep catch up is scary, scary, scary! I honestly have over 150 blog posts in my drafts at the moment and…well I’ll get there. Hopefully… Let’s go onto my goals instead. The first set were the ones that I never got around to sharing during 2021 so I’ll check in with those and add a couple of others on afterwards.

Book Goals From 2021:

  • To fall back in love with reading again; to kick this slump aside for good. Yeah I didn’t really manage this. I did at times then stopped reading again inevitably. But this year I will manage this!
  • To start reading my most anticipated books instead of putting them aside out of some irritating fear of not enjoying them. So I actually started off the year by accomplishing this goal but then I stopped. Although it wasn’t really out of fear then; instead I kept putting off my most anticipated releases in favor of my second priority reads which I ordered into the library.

More specifically I’d also like to:

  • Catch up with Cassandra Clare’s books (at the very least I hope to re-read The Infernal Devices so that I can finally read Chain Of Gold. And also finish The Dark Artifices as I adored the first two books. Truthfully though I hope to read/re-read everything by her.) Kind of? I did re-read The Infernal Devices and get both Chain Of Gold & Chain Of Iron read. But I still need to finish The Dark Artifices and read several other books by her.
  • To finish The Folk Of The Air series because how on earth have I not done this yet? Yay I did one! Do I get bonus points for reading the novella collection too?
  • To catch up on Sarah J. Maas’s many books. Um yeah no this didn’t happen. At all. How did I not read any of her books in 2021?
  • To re-read The Wicked Lovely series and finally sink my teeth into Cold Iron Heart. Again no. And, to save myself the repetition I failed in the next two goals too.
  • To read Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse novels before the adaptation comes out.
  • To read the latest additions to some of my previously loved series.
  • To finally read something by V.E. Schwab & Marie Lu. Well I read The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue so that’s half the goal done.
  • To read The Beautiful series so far (which I was literally counting down the days to and yet have still failed to read). I only have The Righteous left to read and since that came out right at the end of the year I’m counting this.
  • AND to read Empire Of The Vampire when it comes out. If I fail in these last two can I even consider myself a vampire fiction fanatic anymore? Oops… BUT it is a book that I majorly hope to get to within the next two months.
Book Goals For 2022:

Well let’s be honest – most of my 2021 goals are still active. This year though I will achieve them! Or at least the majority of them I hope I will. I’ll still set a couple more though as I do really want to start getting my TBR under control.

  • To make any books that I preorder a priority. That means not putting them aside for dozens of library books…
  • To catch up – somewhat – on my TBR. More specifically to get caught up on any high priority reads that I own and – later in the year – to start trying to get some of the older unread books off of it too.
  • To read some of the major series that I don’t own but want to read. The Diviners, All Souls, The Raven Cycle, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Book Of The Ancestor & Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children to name a few.
  • To finish some of the series I started & adored but never completed.
  • To read some of my ebooks. I honestly think I read one last year… and that was a re-read.
  • To check out some of the retellings on my TBR. How can I possibly do the retelling series I have planned otherwise? Plus they sound incredible.
Bonus Goals (AKA fingers crossed I’ll reach them but it’s doubtful):
  • To read the Dune books.
  • To read the books any major adaptations are based on before seeing them. What are the major movies coming out this year anyway? I’ll have to look into this.
  • To try and read more from a couple of different genres. Specifically sci-fi as I realized I tend to veer away from it yet enjoy it on screen. And contemporary as I never get around to picking it up.

If you want to see what I thought of any of my 2021 reads then reviews for them are all over on my Goodreads page. 2020 reads I’m happy to share with you and have reviews saved for but haven’t yet posted anywhere. And 2022 reviews should go up on Goodreads as and when I read them…fingers crossed.

How have you all been? Read anything interesting lately? How’s 2022 treating you so far? Let me know as I’d love to hear from you all. I’ll be back Friday with part one of My Most Anticipated 2022 Releases.


18 thoughts on “My Return To Blogging Plans & Reading Goals:

  1. ahh charlotte, you have no idea how excited i got when i saw the notification for this post in my reader!! so glad to hear you decided to get back into blogging and i am INSANELY EXCITED to read all of your future posts!
    ahhh don’t be so hard on yourself, completing 2 goals is really, really great okay! CONGRATULATIONS!!! ❤❤ (i set myself only 10 goals for 2021 and… somehow managed to fail every single one of them haha)
    good luck on all of your 2022 goals, YOU CAN DO THIS!! i cannot wait to hear your thoughts on the raven boys and miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children (i really want to read this one too!) ALSO WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE FOLK OF THE AIR SERIES??
    Your Fairytale Retelling series and Literacy Lists sound so nice, I AM VERY CURIOUS NOW. Hope 2022 has been amazing for you so far and will be filled with lots of amazing books!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you so, so much!! Thats so sweet of you to say.

      Thanks again 💗 I’m counting it as a plus that I finally managed to start picking up more of my most anticipated books at least. And don’t worry, as long as you enjoyed your reading that’s what matters. Or if they were other goals and you still want to do them there’s always this year…or next 😅
      I’m hoping I can 🤞 thanks. But then I think of another book on my tbr that I somehow forgot and wonder 😂

      I’ll definitely share them with you. I hope you get to that one this year too then. Did you see the movie at all?

      I loved it!! I’d already read the first two but somehow never got around to the finale, even though it has to be one of my favourite series. I love the world, characters & the authors take on the fae so much. Have you read them?

      Aww thanks, literacy lists are just different top tens and I have loads of them in my drafts, just can’t remember what of without checking 😅

      I hope 2022 will be amazing for you too. And that you get to find lots of new favourite reads. Thank you so much and thank you for the really sweet comment too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m so sorry I’m replying so late 😭😭

        AHHH I’m so glad to hear that, I really hope they all live up to your expectations (and maybe exceed them too perhaps??)
        YES, true, THANK YOUU!! lol that is so true, and happens to me every single time too 😭 it’s like we’ve finally decided which book we want to read next, and then we’re reminded of all those other books we desperately need to get to, which leads to us drowning because TOO! MANY! BOOKS! 😂

        YES looking forward to hearing your thoughts! YESS I hope so too! No, I haven’t watched it yet *runs away*. Have you?

        AHHHH YAY!!! SO GLAD TO HEAR IT! And yes, completely agree, the worldbuilding is so unique and just PHENOMENAL and also JUDE! I’ve only read the first book, need to get to the others! Perhaps this year? But I’m currently reading The darkest part of the forest by the same author, AND IT IS SO GOOD TOO!! Have you read that one? ALSO, which is your favorite book of the trilogy?
        YES I saw some of your previous literary lists after that (WHICH JUST GOT ME EVEN MORE EXCITED FOR ALL YOUR FUTURE POSTS SO THANK YOU!)

        Aww THANK YOU SO MUCH! ❤️❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Don’t worry, it hasn’t been that long. I’ve literally been months late in the past 🙈

        Ooh that would be wonderful 🤞
        Omg yes I think that’s why I’ve had so many issues with reading slumps. I realise how many books I have to read then worry about being too slow, panic then stop reading. Because quitting helps 🤔 but I am doing better atm I think. Hopefully it’ll last.

        Yeah I saw it when it came out. At least you get to read the books first though then. I feel like I never do it that way around anymore.

        Omg Jude is fantastic!! So fierce and determined. I hope you get to read the rest this year then. Definitely look forward to hearing what you think of them. Ooh no I haven’t but I have it as an ebook so will hopefully get to it sometime. Probably Wicked King. Or maybe the first one? Kind of torn between those two as I adored them both so much.

        Aww thank you!! ❤❤

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  2. Aw.. So lovely to see a post from you Charlotte 🥰 and I look forward to your anticipated books post!!
    It sounds like you have a lot of plans for 2022 in terms of reading and blogging, and I wish you the best of luck for them both!! Of course I hope you enjoy it all as well!! You still did well on your previous goals, although you might not have done all of them.. You still made progress and that’s what matters!
    I definitely want to get my high priority TBR down as well, I feel like I own a lot of unread physical books so I need and want to read them!!
    I hope you are able to start all those books series you want… The Diviners seems like a series you would love and I would be interested to hear your thoughts 🥰
    Wow 150 posts in the drafts!! That’s a lot, but amazing! Catch up can be quite daunting in my experience so I hope you don’t pressure yourself and take it one step at a time! 😊I look forward for your fairytale retelling post when you are ready!!
    Wishing you all the best for 2022! 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I look forward to sharing it. Part one is scheduled, part two I’ll set up this weekend, just in case anymore covers get revealed.
      Thank you 💗 fingers crossed 🤞 its a lot but hopefully I can get it done. Or mostly done at least 😅 aww thanks, thats true. I do hope to do better this year though.
      Fingers crossed we both manage it then 🤞 I’m sure we can if we set our minds to it…and if I stop getting new books/library reads. I have decided to hold off on library books until later this year.
      I hope so too. Although tbh I doubt I’ll get to all of them. I just wanted a few examples. And any I don’t get to I’ll probably make early year priorities for next year. Diviners is one of the ones I definitely want to get done though. Thinking about getting the ebooks for it later this year. And I’ll definitely share my thoughts with you when I read it.
      A lot of them are reviews I think. And then most anticipated posts too. Thank you, that’s the plan. Once I’ve got the anticipated posts done I’ll just do a few a month probably until I’ve made a dent in my tbr. I just don’t know which posts to start with.
      Aww thank you. I’ve been wanting to do it for so long. Hopefully I’ll get lots of them read this year ready for it.
      Thank you 💗💗 I hope you have a fantastic 2022 as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yay 😍😍 I’ll hope for some cover reveals then!!
        Yeah fingers crossed for you 🤞🏻 I’m sure you will 🥰
        Exactly, if we prioritise it all should be well. I’m trying to read 4 of my physical books a month!
        Oohh sounds like a plan. They will still be waiting for you later as well!
        Very nice, that’s a great plan. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on them then! 😊 Hopefully the ebooks will be offer at some point for you!
        Reviews can certainly build up so I get that! It can be hard deciding what post to start with, I try to pick the ones I’m most excited about.
        Yayyyy! 🥰 Thank youuuu 💜💜

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Fingers crossed. There are some I can’t wait to see.
        Thank you.
        Ooh good luck. I’m sure you can do it!! Yeah true. It’s so tempting to put myself in the queues for some of the 2022 releases though 😅
        Thank you. And hopefully. I don’t think they’re too badly priced anyway though – last time I looked they were 2.99/3.99 depending on which one.
        Yeah I want to do the same really but then I think I have book lists from 2020 still 😂 I’ll figure it all out though.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I do love cover reveals! Thank you, I won’t be too strict about it because the pressure isn’t fun, but fingers crossed!
        I know the new releases are always the most tempting to get !
        Oh that isn’t a bad price at all. LOVE THAT!
        haha yes you will!!

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  3. I’m so glad to see you back, and I absolutely cannot wait for more of your posts!💗💗 Good luck with completing your goals!! And ah I loved the folk of the air series, I just finished it and I was AMAZED, my favourite book from the series would have to be the wicked king, what about you? And ahhhh enjoy Leigh bardugo’s books, the grishaverse is certainly a world to die for!
    To all the boys has been on my TBR forever, hope we both love it :))
    adored this post, can’t wait for more!!💕💕💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you so much!!
      Yay that’s wonderful, I’m glad you loved the series too. I think mu favourite was probably The Wicked King too. Or possibly the first book. I adored those two so much. I was surprised by just how good I found the novella collection too though. Can’t wait for the authors next book.
      Thank you. I really can’t believe I haven’t read it yet. So excited to explore the world though and finally watch the show.
      I hope you get to read it soon then too. And yes, fingers crossed.
      Aww thank you so much 💗💗💗💗


  4. i can definitely relate with the feeling of buying books i’m excited about but then putting them off and reading something else instead. i definitely have to be better about this too!
    i hope you enjoy the raven cycle series as much as i have. i really want to start the diviners, but i am so intimidated by the fact it’s fantasy + historical + suuuper long books? but i have access to them through my library so i should just check it out and see how i feel before committing.
    i don’t know many book adaptations coming out this year, but i am very excited for the heartstopper show and i hope it does come out in 2022! i wish to be caught up in the series by the time the first season rolls out.
    wishing you luck with all your 2022 goals!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. At least its not just me then. Hopefully we can both stop doing it and focus on our initial excitement for the books in question instead.
      Thank you, fingers crossed. I definitely don’t want to be the odd one out! I love historical fantasy novels so that’s a plus for me but I know what you mean. Checking out books at the library is always a good idea though. Hopefully we’ll both get to read & love the series soon then.
      Ooh yeah I think I may have seen that mentioned actually. I hope you manage to get the series finished before then.
      Thank you. Hope you have a wonderful 2022.


  5. Charlotte!!!! Welcome back!!! Sorry for my late comment, but I was also taking a break from blogging and have just returned, so I’m slowly catching up. ❤️❤️ I hope you’re feeling super well, that you’re having a beautiful 2022 and I’m excited to interact this year!!!!! 😍✨Also, The folk of the air series is SO AMAZING. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Sorry for mine too, accidentally fell behind again. I’m glad you’re back though and look forward to reading your posts 💗💗 hope catch up goes well as I know how daunting it can become.
      Aww thank you so much 💗💗 I hope you’re having a wonderful year as well. And yes, it is!! So can’t wait to see what Holly Black’s adult debut is like 😍

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