Review Ratings

In the past I think I’ve been slightly overgenerous with five star ratings so here’s my guide for what my ratings will now mean:

I absolutely, positively loved this book and don’t have a bad word to say about it. I’ll happily read it time and time again and am absolutely in awe of its author.

I really enjoyed this book and still highly recommend it. I’d still happily re-read it and want to pick up any sequels that follow. Something small holds it back from being truly spectacular however.

I liked this book but wasn’t blown away by it. If a book get’s this rating then it was ok (possibly even fairly good) in my opinion. The good and bad generally balanced each other out. Or else it was an enjoyable enough read but not spectacular enough to receive any higher. Basically a (generally) enjoyable book but somewhat mediocre.

It was okay but I wasn’t really a fan. For a book to get two stars then it’s got several issues with it and I didn’t overly enjoy it. I may even have disliked it in places. Occasionally this rating may apply to a book that starts off amazingly but goes frustratingly downhill throughout.

I did not like this book. The bad strongly outweighs the good and I found it a struggle to get through. It either bored or possibly even irritated me to read this.