New Year, New Start, New Blog

So I suppose that the first thing that I should do here is explain why my New Year’s fresh start is coming to you at the end of May rather than the traditional January. Originally I was going to start throwing myself back into reading and write up a list of my ‘Most Anticipated Books of 2019’ either on New Year’s Eve or New Years Day. That plan fell through when I became ill on Boxing Day with symptoms that were making it near impossible to do much of anything; symptoms that have eased but still not entirely gone even now frustratingly. After that I guess I just kept putting off posting anything on here out of a combination of fear and a slight struggle with reading. That fear is definitely not gone but I’m hoping that, at last, I’ve gotten past the ‘block’ when it comes to reading.

Most of the content of this blog is going to be book related. That was the purpose of me making it, after all and – if you’re reading this – probably what bought you to this page too. The majority of that content will be in the form of Book Reviews although I’m also hoping to throw in a couple of different book lists and hopefully some features too at times.  In the future I may also post some Film Reviews, but until this blog is up and running smoothly I want to focus on books.

Other than that I might write about Social Anxiety at some point in the future (if I can work up the courage to do so), possibly post the odd bit of creative writing and maybe blog about topics that I’m feeling particularly passionate about at the time. There are a few other ideas that I have content wise but I want to get this blog up and running before I focus on too many features. (Basically I want to make sure that this blog works out to begin with).

For now though I’m mostly going to share my views on books that I’ve read; hopefully inspiring others to sink their teeth into their delicious pages in the process.

2019 Goals:

♥ To Read More / Fall In Love With Reading Again

♡ To Cook More – Especially Foreign Dishes Such As Chinese, Indian etc.

♥ To Stress Less / Relax More (Good Luck)

♡ To Make Some Kind Of Progress Anxiety Wise

♥ To Visit Some Of The Places That I Want To And To Continue Newer Activities – Badminton & Dancing.

Current Features Programme:

♥ Literacy Lists [Second Wednesday Of The Month]
     ♡ Most Anticipated Releases [Last Day Of Each Month]
          ♥ Quarterly Catch Up [At The End Of Every Third Month]

Literacy Lists: is basically a top ten list that somehow links into reading. Generally it’ll probably just be a list of books that fit into a certain topic (such as Fairies, Witches, Fairytale Retellings etc) but sometimes it might be authors or settings that I’d like to read about.  

Originally I thought that Top Ten Tuesdays was just a name that people gave to their top ten lists but after looking it up properly I discovered the truth. It’s a fantastic idea that I strongly recommend looking up properly here, especially as it’s a superb way to bringer Bloggers together.  As I only want to post a list once a month and already have a couple of ideas for them in mind I’ve opted to do my own lists for now but I may well try out the official feature in the future, if this page works out. I’d rather wait to do so until I’m more comfortable posting on here and know whether I can keep up with a weekly feature though as, if I took part in it, I’d rather not miss out on ¾ of the subjects.

Most Anticipated Releases: this feature is probably pretty self explanatory. Basically it’s a list of each month’s releases that I feel are definitely worth a mention and worth checking out. The first five, which I’ll also add the blurbs of, are always my five most anticipated new releases. By ‘new’ I simply mean standalone or new series. If there’s a sequel that I’m particularly looking forward to I’ll mention it further down in the post

Quarterly Catch Up: is a feature that I’ll post four times a year, detailing roughly how my readings been going and sharing some of the books that I most want to read over the next three months. Each edition of this feature will contain: ten of the books that I’m most desperate to read and five of the series that I most want to finish and or re-read. The December edition of this feature will also include the top ten books of that particular year that I wanted to read but didn’t get around to.

As the first edition of this feature is coming out in late May I’m going to miss out June’s edition for now. I’ll either simply skip that month or possibly post it sometime in July, if my reading’s going particularly well. After that I’ll stick to posting this feature in: March, June, September and December.