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The Fourth Annual 2020 Book Blogging Awards – My Nominations

Last year I missed my chance to nominate any bloggers for the Book Blogger Awards so this year I decided to make sure that I took the time to nominate some of my favourite bloggers in the first round and hopefully help my followers find some more incredible pages to check out. Recognizing the wonderful achievements of our fellow bloggers is so, so important and I simply couldn’t miss this opportunity to showcase some of the fantastic bloggers whose pages I most admire.

The Fourth Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards are being hosted by Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane and May @ Forever And Everly. For more information please do go and check our their posts. And thank you to both of them for giving bloggers such a wonderful opportunity to celebrate one and other.

Best Of Their Age:

Best Pre-Teen/Teen Book Blogger (13-19):

Emma @ A Few Chapters ’til Love

Everybody should 100% be following Emma on her wonderful blog. She’s honestly one of the nicest people that I’ve met through blogging and has an incredible variety of content on her page. Reviews, tags, discussions, recommendations, advice and memes can all frequently be found over on A Few Chapters ’til Love and are also always a joy to read. So what are you waiting for? If you’re not already following her please do go and check out her page for a wonderful variety of fantastic content.

Best Adult Book Blogger (20+):

Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books

Everytime that I read a post by Marie I’m left utterly in awe of her incredible content. It constantly amazes and inspires me that she manages not only to produce such fantastic and varied blog posts but also still keeps on top of all of her comments, reads a lot and blog hops too as much as she does. I seriously don’t know how she does it! There are always new posts by her that leave me itching to read them and her reviews strike that perfect balance of informing you about a book and sharing her feelings without stepping into spoiler territory. Plus she’s one of the kindest and most supportive bloggers that I’ve came across.

Best Genre Bloggers:

Young Adult:

Kaya @ A Fictional Bookworm

Kaya is another blogger that I’m absolutely over the moon to have met. Not only is she a lovely person who I adore exchanging comments with, she also has a lot of interesting and regular content that I’m always excited to read. Her reviews are always entertaining, fair and fun and the books that she includes are pretty much always ones that are already on my TBR or swiftly find their way onto it after her recommendations. She’s a truly wonderful person and her content is always engaging and entertaining.

Evelyn @ Evelyn Reads

Yes it’s another blogger whose posts I always make an effort to catch up with if I ever fall behind with my blog hopping. Why? Because her content is constantly intriguing and a joy to delve into. When it comes to reviews Evelyn is another blogger who manages to share enough book context to leave you intrigued (or else fairly share why she wasn’t a fan of a particular book) whilst tending to stay away from spoiler territory. Her list posts are always fantastic and I’m definitely in awe of how consistently she blogs.

Middle Grade or Younger:

Mandy & Sha @ Book Princess Reviews

As soon as I saw this prompt Mandy & Sha from Book Princess Reviews immediately sprang to mind. Although they also cover Young Adult books I definitely remember discovering a fair few Middle Grade offerings through their blog as well. Their page definitely seems to be a good go to if you want to try and discover more of the Middle Grade genre and it has a lot of enthusiasm for it to match. Plus they even have a wonderful guide of where to start with various options including MG books by YA authors, spooky reads and various diverse ones.

Science Fiction / Fantasy:

Mogsy @ The BiblioSanctum

Thanks to the amount of time that I’ve spent flicking through various Goodreads lists I generally think I’m pretty aware of what new book releases are on the horizon. Yet I’m still constantly discovering new and intriguing offerings of books in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres (as well as horror and thriller offerings too) on Mogsy’s page. They have such a wonderful variety of book reviews, memes and lists within these genres and I just adore reading their content. If you ever want to know what Sci-Fi & Fantasy releases are around the corner then this is the page to visit!

Mystery / Thriller:

Ludwig @ Ludwig’s Thrillers

I haven’t really spoken with this blogger much (so I’m incredibly sorry if I have your name wrong) but their page is definitely my new go to for thriller recommendations. They have a whole host of wonderful recommendations lists within the genre – including some YA ones too which was a lovely discovery to make – and also frequently post lists of Kindle book deals within both the UK and USA which I’m sure is a feature that many book bloggers – and readers in general – will find immensely useful.

Book Of Book Blogging:

Best Book Reviews:

@ Spines That Shine

Firstly I’m so, so sorry that I don’t know your name. I feel terrible about that fact.

If you’re looking for reviews that you can trust then look no further! Spines That Shine is one of the first bloggers that I followed and I absolutely adore her reviews. They’re wonderfully set out and share her fair and balanced opinions of the books that she’s read. By highlighting specific aspects and features of books (such as enemies to lovers, mythological beings or settings) I find her reviews the perfect read for when I’m in two minds about reading a book. She’s always kind and fair in her assessments of a book and explains exactly what it is that she’s loved or disliked within her reviews. Plus she takes the most stunning Instagram pictures so if you’re not following her over there too you definitely should be doing so!

Sophie @ Sophie’s Corner

Any post by Sophie is one that I know I’m going to enjoy and she’s another blogger with a wonderful variety of content. I’ve absolutely adored some of her recent book interview posts and her reviews are easily some of my most trusted thanks to the fair and balanced way that she sets her thoughts out. For me a good review shares a reader’s thoughts and opinions of a book without giving too much else away which is exactly what her reviews do. She tells her readers what she likes and dislikes within the books that she’s read but doesn’t spoil the content in any way. So in general her reviews leave me itching to pick up the book for myself. Plus I can’t mention Sophie without also bringing up the fact that she’s a wonderful individual to interact with and is so, so supportive of others too.

Best Book Recommendations:

Sofi @ A Book A Thought

Oh man do I love Sofi’s recommendation posts! As soon as you read them it’s perfectly clear that she’s put a lot of thought and effort into choosing books for her given subject. I have a weakness for book lists and her’s are definitely some of my favourite of those. The enthusiasm that she has practically leaps off of the page and I’m always excited when I realize I have another recommendation post by her in my inbox. She somehow constantly comes up with these lists and always has new offerings to share with her readers. Her page is definitely a wonderful place to visit if you want to discover some new books. Plus she is one of the sweetest bloggers that I’ve communicated with. Thank you so much for your wonderful talent for picking the perfect books to make my TBR grow!

Best Discussion Posts:

Sophie @ Me And Ink

Surely I’m not the only person who immediately thinks of Sophie when it comes to discussion posts? There’s something about the style in which she writes them that constantly leaves me wanting more. Her thoughts are well written, balanced and concise. She gets across both sides of an argument incredibly well and definitely leaves you with plenty to think about. It’s the engaging writing style of these posts that always leaves me most in awe but I honestly love everything about her discussion posts; the layout, the content, the subjects that she picks…where on earth do you get your ideas from? Personally I consider Sophie the queen of book blogging discussion posts.

Best Blogging/Writing Voice:

Rain @ The Withering

I discovered Rain’s page quite some time back and was immediately struck by her strong, unique blogging voice. Then, thanks to my lack of notifications, I completely lost track of her page which I am so, so sorry about. I recently went back through the blogs that I’m following and made sure everybody’s email alerts were set to ‘on’ (you’d think this would be automatic when you hit ‘follow’ surely?) and couldn’t believe I’d forgotten about her marvellous blog. I haven’t read any of her posts recently thanks to this total failure on my part as well as my semi-absence but I am intenstly eager to start catching up on them soon. And surely the fact that I can remember how profoundly her voice struck me after all this time is a pretty massive sign of how impressive it is? Check out one of her posts and you’ll swiftly see what I mean. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Kaya @ A Fictional Bookworm

As I said earlier I adore Kaya’s content and honestly do think she’s one of the nicest bloggers that I’ve met. I’ve made it my mission over my catch up sessions to read pretty much all of her posts and a major factor of that decision is due to her blogging voice. All of her posts are so much fun to read! She manages to get her humor and snarkiness spot on which is something that truly amazes me (I’m too scared to try and be sarcastic as I know I’ll just end up sounding dumb). Her blogging voice is distinctive, fun and just utterly amazing. So please follow her now!


Most Supportive:

Lauren @ Twenty – Seven Letters

There are a lot of ways to support others within the blogging world, to make them feel accepted and included and to help raise awareness of their work. And one of those is to do collaborative posts that bring the work of various bloggers together. Lauren has reached out to several bloggers, me included, to write such posts and I can honestly say that receiving an email asking for your input is such an uplifting experience. She definitely raises awareness of other bloggers and supports them wonderfully. Plus she has such incredible post ideas and a beautiful writing voice (so yes I could have picked her for several categories truthfully) and she’s just an all round lovely person.

Emma @ A Few Chapters ’til Love

Do you ever feel like you don’t belong in the world of blogging? That you’re not good enough and that people don’t notice your page? I’m sure it’s a feeling that many bloggers are familiar with and having supportive followers helps a lot with those feelings. Back when I first started blogging I took a break as I became overwhelmed and during that time I received the loveliest message from Emma letting me know that I was missed. It was so heartwarming and uplifting to receive; plus such an incredible gesture to reach out to a blogger on hiatus like that. Emma’s all around supportive of others though. I’ve recently found a wonderful blogger thanks to her shout-out of them, she encourages you to check out everyone’s pages, leaves the most wonderful comments and has even written a help post for someone. As I said earlier she’s one of the loveliest people that I have met and I seriously hope that these nominations prompt you to check out her page.

Most Engaged In The Community:

Emer @ A Little Haze Book Blog

When it comes to being an active and engaged member of the bookish community then who better to mention than Emer? She has to be one of – if not the – most frequent poster that I follow and that in itself puts her in the running for this nomination. More than that though despite her activity level, and huge number of followers, she still manages to keep up with her comments and takes the time to check out the posts of others too. Plus, even after receiving awards dozens of times she continues to share the love by tagging others to receive them. The variety of books that she reads, and content that she creates, is incredible and I just highly recommend checking out her page.

Most Creative:

Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea

Sometimes you find a blogger who constantly leaves you wondering where on earth they get all of their wonderful post ideas from; Caitlin is 100% one of those individuals. Her page is frequently populated with new and intriguing posts and I seem to adore each and every one of them. They’re generally on topics that turn out to be wonderfully creative and fun too such as making guesses about books based on their covers and sharing her reading experiences within ‘Caitlin Reads’. The topics that she picks for her discussions – which are always wonderfully well written and fun to read – are varied too. Plus she’s one of the loveliest people in the book blogging world. And such a supportive individual as well; I’ve found various people’s pages thanks to her blogger shout outs!!

Madison @ Madison’s Inkwell

Firstly – and I can’t stress this enough – please do go and follow Madison’s page! It breaks my heart that she isn’t more recognized within the blogging world as her content is flawless without fail. Whenever you read a post by Madison you know that it’s going to be incredibly well written, planned out and – if applicable – researched. Her post ideas are so creative too and I love seeing the content that she comes up with. Her Liquor Literacy series (where she shares drink recipes and teams them up with books) is unlike anything else that I’ve come across in the world of blogging and each entry in the series clearly takes her a lot of effort, research and time. Her enthusiasm always bursts off of the screen, whatever her subject matter. And she’s such a lovely individual too.

Friendliest Member Of The Community:

Amber @ Amber Reads

I’ve only met Amber fairly recently but she has to be one of the kindest, sweetest bloggers that I’ve come across. From the very first time that I commented on a post of hers she left me the friendliest replies imaginable. All of her comments – whether on her page or mine – are always so warm and heartfelt. To say I’m thrilled to have met her is a monumental understatement. Please do go and check out her page as she deserves all the followers in the world. I adore her content too and I can honestly say that if there was a category here for best fictional writing I would 100% nominate Amber in a heartbeat. Check out her fantastic fiction as it’s a gift to the world and I really would not be surprised to find myself reading a book by her at some point in the future.

El @ Elated Books

Truthfully I really wanted to nominate El for one of the genre categories but she reads such a vast range of books that I couldn’t settle on which to pick for her. (So take that as a recommendation to go and check out her page whatever your taste in books!). Her content is fantastic and I love reading all of her posts. She’s also one of the friendliest bloggers that I know. Talking with her is so much fun and she always leaves the loveliest comments on people’s posts. I’m so happy to have found her page.

Best At Promoting Diverse Books:

May @ Forever And Everly

Despite only having followed May very recently I literally can not think of a better individual to nominate for this award. It was her incredible post featuring 25 different books by Asian authors that first drew me towards her blog and I’ve already noticed several other fabulous looking similar posts focusing on different diverse subjects since. To put it simply her recommendations posts are incredible; wonderfully well set out, jam packed with diverse books and full of fabulous sounding fiction. I seriously can’t wait to read more!

Lais @ The Bookish Skies

Lais is another blogger who 100% deserves this award and came pretty swiftly into my mind for this category. Whether she’s writing a recommendations post, participating in a tag or sharing some of her superb individual content (such as her trope series) the books that she includes always cover a pretty diverse range. Not only that but her comments on these books is always so thoughtful and give you plenty of reasons to pick each of the titles up. Her content is always superb and she’s such a sweet individual. So once again please do go and check out her page.

Most Importantly:

Best Overall Book Blogger:

Sophie @ Me & Ink

Earlier on I mentioned how utterly fantastic Sophie’s discussion posts are but the truth is that all of her posts are flawless. Whatever she writes it’s always a pure pleasure to read and I’m instantly excited when I discover that there’s a new post by her. Whether you want incredible bookish content, movie recommendations, writing advice, interesting discussions or plenty of tagging fun then Sophie’s is the page to turn to. Everything is wonderfully written, beautifully set out and clearly has had so much effort put into it. Plus she’s one of the loveliest people that you’ll ever meet and always goes above and beyond to leave the most thoughtful comments. Simply put she’s a blogging superstar and truly deserves all the followers in the world. Her sister, Beth, deserves a shout out too as her content so far has been incredible as well. I so look forward to more from both of these bloggers in the future.

Wow, that was a longer post than I was initially expecting but I thoroughly enjoyed taking the chance to share the love for some of my favourite bloggers. Please do let me know of any other bloggers that you think I’d like following. And I shall be posting more frequently soon. My blogging enthusiasm is pretty high right now tbh, I just need to get reading still.


54 thoughts on “The Fourth Annual 2020 Book Blogging Awards – My Nominations

  1. OMG CHARLOTTE 😭😭😭😭 Awwww you’ve made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I honestly don’t know what to say… I know… not like me. I’m usually drowning in opinions…. THANK YOU 🙏🏻 THANK YOU 🙏🏻 THANK YOU!!! You are so sweet and kind to nominate me. I really really really really appreciate it my friend ❤️💛💜💖💚💙🧡💝

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    1. Aww 🤗 it’s perfectly fine, you definitely deserve an award for your blogging efforts and everything that I said about you is completely true. I really do have no idea how you keep up with everything so spectacularly!! 💞💞💞

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  2. Hi Charlotte! Thank you so much for this nomination!! I feel so honoured!! It was really awesome to also see some of my favourite bloggers on here, like Sophie, Emma and Marie 🙂

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    1. It’s absolutely fine, you 100% deserve it. I love your page and adore reading your reviews. Plus you always make me feel so included in the blogging world 💞 Aww yay I’m glad to hear that they’re favourites of yours too 😊

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  3. Oh man, such an honor to be mentioned! Thank you so much for your support, and we’re so happy you’re enjoying our blog! 😀 And it looks like I’m in good company too – I know a lot of these blogs and agreed, they are great!

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    1. It’s okay, I love your page and am always finding out about incredible books from it 😊 plus I’m pretty in awe of how many books you manage to get read and reviewed. Yay that’s wonderful to hear, I love seeing how valued they all are 💕


    1. Thank you 💞 I hope you find some new ones to follow then 😊 I’m definitely looking forward to doing the same on other people’s nomination posts.


  4. CHARLOTTE!! ❤️ You’re melting my heart here (in the best way possible of course) 😭 Like seriously you’re kind words have actually made my day, and I’m not just saying that to say that they literally have 🤭 I’m honestly overjoyed that I come across that way because sometimes I get so paranoid that I’m awkward or people are going to judge me but this confirms that I’m just thinking ridiculous thoughts!! And oh my gosh imagine if you read one of my books in the future?! Thank you SO much Charlotte I honestly think I’m going to cry, I’m too emotional 😭 Also I’ve found so many new blogs from this so thank you!! 🙂

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    1. Aww that’s so sweet and you absolutely deserve the award that I nominated you for. Everything that I said is true and you’re such a wonderfully kind person to talk to 💞 ah I totally get that. I always feel the same way tbh and worry that I’ll have said something wrong. But you’ve honestly never once came across as awkward to me.
      It would be amazing 😍 judging by what I’ve seen of your writing so far I think it’s 100% possible though!! Aww yay, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do 💞

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      1. Awh really?! Thank you so much 😭 That means SO much to me 💖 Uh exactly, I just somehow overthink everything and it is exhausting 😩 Oh wow that is so good to know ❤️
        It definitely would be!! Oh my gosh thank you ☺️ Hopefully one day, I definitely want to write on the side of my normal job and I will constantly be sending to publishers but I think relying on it for income won’t be enough 😞 I’m sure I will!

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      2. 💗💗💗💗
        I honestly do get that, I do the very same thing. It sucks to over think everything but I have no idea how to turn it off.
        Aww well I hope you get to then. And you never know, I expect all writers feel like that sometimes. Your writing, that I’ve read so far, really is amazing though 💕

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      3. I totally agree, like if these was a switch that could turn it off I’d literally fight people to get to 8t 😂
        Me too! I think they do… I hope they do so I’m not the only one! Thank you so much Charlotte, writing compliments always hit harder for me 💓

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      4. Ooh me too. Maybe we could share it? 😅
        I’m sure they do. And when you think about it some of the most popular authors have even received rejections and had bouts of writers block. Everyone struggles and doubts themselves. I so can’t wait to catch up with your writing. I was loving what I’d read so far 💗💗

        Liked by 1 person

      5. For sure, sharing is caring right?! 😂
        Exactly, it’s so inspiring to hear Award-wining authors speak about the hurdles they had to overcome to get their. That’s so true. Awh I really need to post some more KIP… I want to try post a chapter on Sunday as it’s tag week next week 🤭 AWHH!

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  5. Oh Charlotte I’m going to cry 🥺😭😭😭 thank you so, so, so much for thinking of me for the awards, I’m so honored to be mentioned here alongside so many incredible book bloggers i admire! 🥺 thank you so, so much ahh, I adore you. 🥺 and thank you for taking the time to share some love and to nominate bloggers ❤ I can't wait to check out the ones I'm not too familiar with, yet 🙂

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    1. Aww thank you, everything that I said is true though and you definitely deserve an award. Your content is always absolute fantastic and creative, I love your reviews and you do so much to support other bloggers too. I honestly don’t know how you keep up with everything.
      I’m thrilled to hear you also enjoy some of their pages and hope that you like any others that you check out 💕
      Also thanks for hosting these awards and doing something so wonderful for the blogging community 💞


  6. Aw.. Charlotte reading this post put the biggest smile on my face. All the thought and attention you put into every nomination is so evident in this and I LOVED reading about all of these blogs. Thank you for doing this. I spy many blogs that I love on here and I definitely look forward to their posts too. For the blogs I’m not yet following I will have to go and check them out when I’m back from hiatus. It is always exciting to find new blogs.
    And of course thank you, thank you, thank you so incredibly much for nominating me and my blog. All your support on my blog has been unbelievable and I can’t even put into words how much it means that you enjoy my content and discussion posts. I’m so honourable and truly a bit emotional hearing these lovely words 😭 😭 Thank you for mention my sister’s content as I am always so excited when she posts as well, I can’t wait to tell her and I know she will be so grateful and it will put a big smile on her face.
    I’m super excited to hear you will be posting more frequently soon (even if I’m currently on hiatus) as I really LOVE your content especially as you always bring a book I didn’t know of to my attention. Thank you so, so, so much again, I really can’t thank you enough. It means a lot, a lot !! 💞💞

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    1. Aww thank you so much for saying that, i literally spent a whole day on it and still panicked about how it would sound so it’s lovely to hear that it worked well. Yay I’m glad you love some of them too and hope you enjoy any that you check out when you’re back 😊 I’m planning to do the same thing with other people’s nomination posts as I love finding more fantastic bloggers to follow. I’m kind of tempted to start catching up on the ones I do follow and checking out some new ones now but I’m seriously meant to get reading so that I can return properly. And I do need to stop putting that off 🙈
      Aww that’s okay, you absolutely deserve an award and I meant everything that I said. I’m so happy to have found your page as your content is always so enjoyable to read and just incredible tbh. I love all of it and am always so excited to have a new post of yours to read. Plus you’ve been so kind and supportive since I started blogging too 💞💞
      I love her posts too and hope that we’ll get more of them in the future. Thanks for passing on my nomination 💕
      Aww thank you 💞 I’m hoping it’ll be within the next two-three weeks tbh as all that’s holding me back is my reading block. I’m glad you enjoy my content. And it’s absolutely fine, I 100% meant every word of it and seriously hope that you win an award as you so, so deserve it 💞💕❤️

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      1. aww… no it sounded great and it was all so thoughtful. It was lovely to read !! 💞
        thank you, I’m excited !! It is nice to find new blogs but finding the balance can be really hard at times especially with follower list and TBR piles increasing haha !!
        Aww… thank you again!! 💞💞 all the support and kindness means the world!! Of course, I really love your content !!
        Beth was very grateful and touched. I’m definitely excited for her to post more as well!!
        ooohh.. yay, best of luck with everything !!
        Thank you so, so much !! *cries* 💞 You honestly deserve an award as well !!

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      2. Thank you 💕
        So am I ☺️ I have quite a few of these posts to check out properly to find more pages to follow soon. And yes the balance is so hard to get. I’m hoping to read a few books though then try to balance things better. Fingers crossed anyway.
        Aww it’s okay, I really do mean what I say and seriously hope that you win one of these awards. Your blog is incredible and should be on everybody’s reader 💕
        I’m glad ☺️
        Thank you and aww that’s so sweet of you to say 💞

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  7. thank you so much for nominating me charlotte 🥺🥺💕 i’m so honored that you find my post ideas creative! but you honestly shouldn’t give me too much credit because i get post ideas from a lot of sources, like booktube, other book bloggers, etc. 😅 (also i love sophie’s book blog too! she’s such a kind soul and her discussions are so thought provoking!)

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    1. It’s fine, you completely deserve the nomination and I honestly could have mentioned you several times tbh as you’re such an incredible blogger. 💞 I still think your content is fantastically creative and all ideas have to come from somewhere.
      Yay I’m glad to hear it, she’s such an awesome blogger and it’s wonderful to hear that others love her content too

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  8. first of all, thank you so much for participating in the awards, helping spread the word, and writing such detailed and kind things about everyone!! and second of all… 🥺🥺 thank you so much for nominating ME for an award, i didn’t expect it at all! i do try my best to promote and boost diverse books, so this means so much to me 😭😭💖 i can’t wait to check out some of these bloggers i don’t follow yet!!

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    1. It’s okay, thank you for hosting the awards and bringing bloggers together in such a wonderful way. I know I’ve only started following your page recently but I really love your recommendations posts and immediately noticed how diverse they were. I honestly can’t wait to read more of them.
      I hope you find some other pages that you like too ☺️

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  9. Hii Charlotte! It’s been a while since we’ve chatted (because I suck at blog hopping…) but I’m so glad I got to read your post 🥰 I totally agree with so many of your nominations and I’m so glad that I found a few more blogs to go follow!!

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    1. Hey, it’s nice to hear from you ☺️ don’t worry about it, I haven’t really done any lately either as I’m still trying to shake off this reading slump. I look forward to catching up on your posts when I’m back properly though.
      Aww I’m glad you love some of the bloggers that I mentioned too and hope you end up enjoying the ones that you check out. I hope you’re well 💕

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  10. Charlotte!!! OMG, I’m SO honored and grateful for your nomination 🥺✨
    Thank you SO SO much, it means so much to me that you feel all that when reading my content and that you can enjoy my recommendations. 😭
    You’re an angel, I hope you’re having a beautiful month ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. You absolutely deserved it. Your recommendation posts are incredible and I’m always excited to find them in my inbox. Plus you’re one of the sweetest bloggers that I’ve met.
      Aww thank you so much 💞 I hope that you’re having a wonderful month too.

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  11. Charlotte, you are an absolute SWEETHEART! Please know that this fully made my day – your words are so kind, and I consider myself lucky to be in this wonderfully kind blogging community! Thank you so, so much again; I can’t begin to tell you how much this means to me ❤ I’m also so very excited to look at the blogs I didn’t know of before!

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    1. Aww it’s fine, you absolutely deserved the nomination and I meant every word of it 💞 I hope you find some new pages that you like ☺️ and I look forward to catching up with your blog posts.

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  12. charlotte, first of all: thank you soooo much for nominating me!

    i also didn’t have the chance to nominate anyone last year, which is why it meant so much to put out a post this time around. i’m really glad we both had the chance to do so this year!

    thanks for sharing so many amazing bloggers, i’ll definitely make sure to check some blogs that i am not familiar with already!

    i honestly don’t have enough words to describe how happy it makes me that you appreciate my recommendations! i always try to make sure i am boosting marginalized voices in my blog and it means a lot that you noticed it! thank you sosooooo much for the nomination and for the amazing post 💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s ok, you absolutely deserve it 💕

      Yes it’s lovely that we both got a chance to participate this year. I’m meant to be taking a break until I get reading but I just couldn’t miss the chance to share the love for my favourite bloggers and hopefully get them some new followers.

      Aww I hope you find some new pages that interest you 😊

      Aww I’m glad to hear that. I love that you have such diverse recommendations and you frequently bring new books to my attention. And enlighten me to surprising elements to them, like the mental health aspects of You’d Be Mine. Like I said you 100% deserve it and I look forward to catching up on your posts when I’m back properly.

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  13. Charlotte you are THE nicest person!! Thank you for including me in this post and for saying such lovely things about my blog. You made my whole day 😊 you’ve been such a friend to me here in the world of blogging and I appreciate your kindness so much 🖤🖤🖤🖤 you are just the loveliest and I enjoy your blog just as much 😊 what a fantastic post, there’s a lot of new bloggers I can’t wait to check out!

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    1. Aww thank you. And it’s ok, you absolutely needed and deserved to be included in this post as your content is always flawless and you’ve been incredibly nice to me from the start too. I hope you find some new pages that you enjoy 💕



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    1. Aww 🤗 it’s ok, you have such a distinctive blogging voice that it’s impossible to forget – in an incredibly good way. I’m so looking forward to catching up on your posts soon. They always sound so fun. And thank you 💗💗


    1. Don’t worry about it, I’m sorry my response is so late, I’ve been away from my blog but I’m hoping to return now.
      I love your reviews (: some of them have definitely made me more eager to pick up certain books. And thanks for letting me know 😁

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