About Me

Hey, I’m Charlotte and I can honestly say that this is the hardest – not to mention most terrifying – page of this entire blog to write. Personal profiles are probably a somewhat irrational fear of mine and I always struggle with what to say when it has to be about me. Truthfully I’d much rather type up a couple of thousand words about some fictional creation from my own head than write even a few hundred about me but instead here’s my best attempt to describe myself.

I was born in the South of England where I continue to live with my parents, gorgeous dog and an absolutely adorable cat with a fondness for swiping at people’s feet when she’s feeling playful.  I’m 27 years old and suffer with very severe Social Anxiety which I am at a bit of a loss with how to overcome. It’s affected my life a lot and truthfully as a result even communicating with people online makes me panic yet I’m determined to at least give writing this blog a go.

It should go without saying that I absolutely adore reading and have for as long as I can remember. Harry Potter has – and always will be – one of my favourite series of all time. My favourite genre of books is basically anything YA. When I was younger I remember being constantly stuck in the teenage section of my local library, hunting down books with the ‘Books With Bite’ label on the back. Guitar Girl by Sarra Manning was probably the first book that broke my heart.

In general I tend to get drawn in by YA blurbs that promise some kind of supernatural element, whether it’s magic, vampires, ghosts or something new and unique. So my absolute favourite part of the YA genre is usually fantasy but I also have an addiction to scandal ridden, twist filled mysteries as well and truthfully tend to love any novel that’s labelled as ‘YA’.

My other fictional true love, genre wise, is adult novels that delve into the supernatural world like Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire Mysteries. Throw books like that in my direction and I’ll delve into their depths ravenously Although those are probably my favourite genres I also like reading Adult Crime and Mystery novels and enjoy picking up the occasional Middle Grade novel if the story sounds promising. In the future I hope to try out some Historical Fiction too as exploring different periods of times interests me greatly.

I started posting reviews online just over a year ago when I won a free copy of The Cruel Prince via Readers First. When I received the email informing me that I was one of the lucky winners I literally jumped for joy. Since then I’ve tried to review everything that I read although I haven’t previously read as much as I’ve wanted to. This year I’m hoping that will change.

This blog started somewhat accidentally when I wrote a list of ‘My Most Anticipated 2019 Novels’ without having the sense to check if Goodreads had a blog option first. Rather than abandoning that post I decided to take the plunge, be brave and start this page.

Five Random Facts:

♥ The three places that I’d most like to visit are Paris, Rome and Venice. I’ve wanted to visit Paris ever since I read Diary Of A Crush: French Kiss and fell in love with the idea of visiting the city, almost as much as the story. My desire to visit Rome was probably initially triggered by The Lizzie McGuire Movie. As for Venice I just love the idea of seeing a city that’s travelled by water rather than roads.

♡ I honestly don’t understand how some people don’t drink hot drinks. I’m not a fan of coffee but I literally don’t think I could function without daily cups of tea. And how could anyone not love hot chocolate?

♥ Growing up I was addicted to watching movies and TV shows about spies. I have absolutely no idea how many times I watched Spy Kids or how many episodes of Totally Spies I saw. Charlie’s Angels and Mr And Mrs Smith were other favourites of mine.

♡ If I was addicted to spy movies then I was absolutely intoxicated by Sabrina The Teenage Witch. I obsessively watched the show, devoured the magazine, looked out for the books and even played at being characters from the show.

♥ I have a weakness for alliteration. If I’m stuck on a title for something alliteration is generally what I opt for, hence the name of this blog.

Likes & Interests:

♥ Reading
♡ Writing
♥ Jigsaw Puzzles – particularly ones by artists like Cris Ortega, Melanie Delon and Victoria Frances
♡ Animals
♥ Dog Walks
♡ Music – Florence + the Machine, Muse, The Pretty Reckless, Birdy, Taylor Swift, Kate Bush, Panic! At The Disco, Marina & The Diamonds, Queen (if you haven’t already watch Bohemian Rhapsody), Halestorm, Katie Melua, Madonna, No Doubt, P!nk, Abba, Paramore, The Pierces & a couple of hundred more
♥ Cinema Trips
♡ Musicals – particularly on stage. Bring on Matilda later this year!
♥ Dancing – I do Ballroom & Latin lessons once a week
♡ Baking
♥ Wrensdale – their designs are gorgeous
♡ History – especially the Tudor & Victorian Eras
♥ Charmed & Buffy The Vampire Slayer – I love, love, love those shows

If you want to know anymore about me then feel free to ask.