The Sunshine Blogger Award – Take Two

I’ve got to say that I was absolutely over the moon to get nominated for this award not once but twice. It honestly means the world to me and I just want to say thank you so, so much to MP @ Miscellany Pages for tagging me. I love your questions and can’t wait to get started on answering them. Please do check out their answers to this tag along with the rest of their wonderful page; there really is some fantastic content to find there!

Who is the most under-rated author you have read? Shout about them here so we can go check them out!

I kind of wanted to say Melissa Marr as I really do feel like her Wicked Lovely series is majorly underappreciated but – as I mention that rather a lot – instead I’m going to go with Cat Clarke. I don’t think I’ve seen her mentioned yet since I’ve started blogging but she really does have some fantastic books which tend to be both compulsively readable and utterly heartbreaking. I’ve only read four books by her so far but I’ve enjoyed them all and can’t wait to check out some of her other books. Next up will probably be A Kiss In The Dark.

If you were transported into a book, what genre would it be?

Ah tough question! Based on my reading choices I guess it would end up being fantasy or at least something vaguely supernatural. My life seems much too average to imagine being transported into a fantastical world though. Regardless I have to stick with fantasy as there would be so much to see and do; so many fascinating mystical beings to meet and sights to see. Fingers crossed that it would be a fantasy world within a fairly safe time though!

Tell us your favourite book quote.

I’m hopeless at remembering quotes; if I look them up I love them, if asked about them on the spot my mind goes blank. So I’m going to pick one from a book that I haven’t read yet but which instantly left me wanting to read it. Why am I picking that one? Because it constantly sticks in my mind somehow, I guess maybe because it made me laugh?

Some people are like Slinkies. They aren’t really good for anything, but they still bring a smile to my face when I push them down a flight of stairs.”

Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs

Name a book outside of your comfort zone that surprised you or changed your perspective.

I always say that I want to read more historical fiction but I never seem to get around to it. That being said I have read a few and, in this case, I definitely expected for The Good Doctor Of Warsaw to be a difficult read so, in that sense, I wasn’t surprised. It gave me more insight into historic events that I didn’t know all that much about though. Naturally I knew some information about World War II but what I was taught in school never included mention of Warsaw or Dr Janusz Korczak. This book definitely inspired me to try and pick up others like it, to learn more about events that I lack much knowledge of. It also broke my heart to be honest. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t read it; you absolutely, 100% should.

What is your favourite book that you had to study in school or college?

For me this has to be The Kite Runner. It’s another devastating book that really opens your eyes to different events. There weren’t actually over many books that I had to study that I enjoyed, to be honest, but that doesn’t lessen the fact that this was fantastic.

What is your number one book to film/TV adaptation?

This absolutely has to be The Hunger Games! The adaptations of these were just fantastic. I love every aspect of them to be honest; every member of the cast perfectly suited their characters and played them so, so well. And Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss; incredible. Truly they could not have found a better person to play that part. Now I want to go and rewatch those fabulous films.

If you gave one piece of wisdom to your younger self, what would it be?

Not to let myself get so cut off from people; to find some sort of club to join if nothing else. That may sound a bit odd but I have really bad social anxiety and ended up accidentally isolating myself over time so yeah, I’d definitely have to advice myself against that as it’s very hard to meet new people now.

What is your favourite hobby outside of reading?

I love making jigsaw puzzles, especially when I can find fantasy art style ones; they’re absolutely gorgeous! I’ve loved making puzzles for as long as I can remember to be honest. And then there’s dance too. I do get self conscious doing it thanks to my anxiety but it’s also good fun. I do Ballroom & Latin once a week (:

Show us your favourite photo on your phone.

I love a lot of the pictures on my phone but ultimately I had to choose this one. It’s of my last two dogs, Alfie and Penny, who I miss so much. As you can see they’re both absolutely gorgeous and just adorable! They both had such wonderful personalities too and I miss them every day.

What is your biggest worry or insecurity about your blog? We all have them, so let us reassure you!

Probably that I’m not good enough at writing posts; that they aren’t interesting, engaging or well written enough. I panic a lot about whether the content that I share is good enough. I also worry that I don’t read enough but I’m hoping that that’ll change soon.I definitely want to throw myself back into reading once I’ve finished off a couple of blog posts that I have planned for January.

Free question: what do you wish people asked in tags, but they never do? Now’s your chance to answer it!

I really struggled with this one at first but then I remembered something that I’d thought of before that gave me a question and an answer:

What’s one thing that you think should be taught in schools?

Definitely some kind of basic First Aid along with some details about certain diseases and conditions. The main thing that I’ve never understood is why they don’t teach you what to do if somebody is choking. That’s definitely something that could potentially be life saving. Then there’s things like the recovery position and what to do if you find someone whose unconscious; I know you’d call for help but it would be good if they taught people what else to do too. And then health wise I think that schools should teach people the warning signs of certain medial conditions and diseases. You get the adverts on TV concerning strokes, for instance, but I was never told about them in school. I just feel that some basic first aid teachings and background information on these things could truly be useful to people.

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Obviously there’s no pressure for any of you to do this but I wanted to nominate as many people as it said to as it’s an awards tag and I think it’s a wonderful way to show other bloggers that you appreciate their posts.

  1. What book, if any, would you most love to see a prequel of?
  2. What were/are your favourite and least favourite subjects at school?
  3. What’s your favourite film that was released in 2019?
  4. What fairytale character would you be willing to trade places with?
  5. What inspired you to start blogging?
  6. What’s one piece of advice that you think all new bloggers should know?
  7. If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?
  8. What’s your favourite lesser known, or talked about, book?
  9. Which fictional character do you most admire?
  10. What generally beloved character gets under your skin?
  11. What are you goals for 2020?

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Firstly thank you so, so much to Emma for nominating me for this award. It honestly means the world to me and I’m not surprised that you were nominated for this one four times; you’re such a wonderful person and you’ve made me feel so welcome in the blogging world. Please do check out all of her answers here but also follow her on her new wordpress page here.


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What is your favourite fairy tale that you will read any retelling of?

Ooh hard question! I love fairy tale retellings but I’m really not sure which my favourite tale would be. I personally really love The Wicked Queen from Snow White and am always on the lookout for good versions of her (so far my favourite is the TV version of her in Once Upon A Time) but as for an actual whole story I’m not so sure. I’ve never especially decided that Beauty & The Beast is my favourite but I think it possibly might be? I have A LOT of retellings of it on my TBR anyway. Plus it involves enemies to lovers which is kind of a weakness of mine. I also love the idea of Peter Pan retellings too though. Basically I need to really start reading some of these retellings!!

Have you ever found a movie to be better than a book?

As a reader I feel like I should say no to this question but the truth is that yes I have, although it isn’t very often. The main example that springs to mind for me is The Lovely Bones. I know a lot of people love that book but for me it just didn’t work at all. Possibly because I’d already seen the film? I also tried reading Practical Magic earlier on this year and although I was enjoying it I wasn’t as into it as I’d hoped (then I fell into a slump and stopped). So possibly that movie too but if that’s the case then it’s most likely due to the fact that I’ve seen the movie about a dozen times before picking up the book. And, hopefully, I’ll at least fall in love with the sequel.

How did / do you feel about required reading at school? (Did you enjoy it?)

Truthfully I wasn’t a fan. I think there were a few books that we were assigned that I didn’t mind reading but for the most part I wasn’t interested in them. I also hate having to go through and analyze every aspect of a book; I like reading for enjoyment, not to pick a story apart line by line. Also, for some horrible reason, when we were assigned books to read during registration I got given a dictionary -_- I mean really? What’s wrong with some fiction?

What is a book you wish would be turned into a movie or series?

Definitely the Wicked Lovely series; I’ve literally been waiting for someone to turn that into a movie for years! Maybe then the series would get some more attention. Plus it’s fae and I just love Melissa Marr’s take on them. Of course it would have to be done well as it’d break my heart if it wasn’t.

What is your favourite quote from a book?

I’m terrible at remembering quotes and even worse at picking favourites – as soon as I start looking them up I find hundreds that I love. So I’m going to share one from a book that I read this year which had some truly beautiful, and meaningful, writing within it.

‘Mamam wielded shame like an assassin wields a dagger, driving it straight into her victim’s heart. She would win; she always won. Isabelle knew that. How many times had she cut away parts of herself at her mother’s demand? The part that laughed too loudly. That rode too fast and jumped too high. The part that wished for a second helping, more gravy, a bigger slice of cake.
If I marry the prince, I will be a princess, Isabelle thought. And one day, a queen. And no one will dare call me ugly ever again.’

Stepsister by Jennifer Donnelly.

Is there a book you can never finish, no matter how many times you try?

As of yet no. Although I seriously need to try and read some classics sometime. I’ve also struggled in the past with some books but, so far, whenever I’ve picked them up again I’ve managed to finish them. Some I even really enjoyed the second time around.

What is your most anticipated release of the year? (It could have already been released this year)

Oh there are loads but if I had to pick just one from the year so far which I still need to read then it would have to be Queen Of Nothing; I seriously can’t wait to get on with it! When it comes to books that I’m still waiting to come out then it’s Blood Countess 100% although that seems a bit unfair as there are only a few weeks left in the year :L

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

Generally tea. That’s the one that I drink most often anyway. Although, as I drink so much of it at home, if I’m out I tend to order hot chocolate. And sometimes it’s just lovely to curl up with a nice cup of that anyway.

Who is your favourite fictional villain?

Is it really bad if I pick someone fairly obvious and say Tom Riddle? Although I want to stress that this is back when he still is Tom Riddle rather than Lord Voldemort. Okay I think his character is well written and fascinating in either instance but I do find it really interesting when you get to see glimpses of his younger self in several of the books. I want more of his backstory, more of him charming people and twisting them around his finger. I want to know what he did and how he gained followers. I just think that, back before everybody knew him as Lord Voldemort, that he’d be incredibly interesting to learn about. I love seeing charismatic villains that draw people in despite their actions and, in his youth, Tom Riddle was just that. So it may be a fairly obvious answer but I’m sticking with it.

Have you ever had someone damage a book you lent them? What did you say to them?

Thankfully no. At least not that I can remember. Although I did let one of my aunts borrow a couple of my books once and they took months to return them… is it bad that I believe I was getting panicky about their condition? Or whether I’d ever actually get them back.

Do you think digital and audiobooks will ever fully replace physical books?

Probably not. I know a lot of people love them and they definitely have their positives – particularly that you can take numerous books with you without weighing yourself down – but I feel like there will always be a place for books. A lot of people just seem to love physical ones more and I must admit that it is lovely to actually hold a copy of a book that you love – especially if it’s got a gorgeously designed cover too. Plus, even if they did stop producing books for some reason, then the old ones are always going to have a place in the world I think. People collect those, after all.

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Obviously there’s no pressure for any of you to do this but I wanted to nominate as many people as it said to as it’s an awards tag and I think it’s a wonderful way to show other bloggers that you appreciate their posts.

My Questions:
  1. Are there any 2020 releases that you’re already excited for? If so which ones?
  2. What’s your favourite book to TV adaptation?
  3. If you could step into the world of any book which one would it be?
  4. What author would you love to see more books from?
  5. Do you prefer enemies to lovers or friends to lovers romances in books?
  6. If you could pick any book to be turned into a musical, which would it be?
  7. What supernatural creature do you think we need to see more of in fiction?
  8. What’s your favourite time of day?
  9. What two authors do you think would write an amazing book together?
  10. What are your hobbies outside of reading and blogging?
  11. If you could get everybody to read one book what would it be and why?