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It’s time for another tag, this time celebrating everything Autumn. There are certain aspects of fall that I truly love; the beautiful colours that leaves turn as they change, snuggling up inside to stay warm, the scent of cinnamon and the excuse to wear scarves. It would just be nice if it didn’t insist on raining so much where I am… that’s truly one part of autumn that I could do without.

Thank you so much to Sahi @ My World Of Books for tagging me to do this. Please check out their wonderful page if you haven’t already done so. I also have a second fall tag coming up later this week (:

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Okay so it’s been years since I read this book – although I definitely plan to re-read it soon, especially in light of the upcoming prequel novel – but Wicked Lovely definitely felt fresh and new to me when I first picked it up. Not only was it the first book about the fae that really stuck with me I also believe that it was probably the first dark romance novel that I read too. I quickly fell in love with the series and it certainly made me fall for the fae.

If you’ve read Shadow Kiss then surely you agree that it has one hell of an ending? That last line! I’d share it here but it’s much too spoilery for that. It’s definitely an ending that’s stuck with me though; as well as one that left me itching to pick up the fourth book in the series.

Why do I always struggle with this sort of question? Obviously I need to pick up more warm, fuzzy, delightful novels. I think that Save The Date and Once And For All (both of which I plan to pick up soon) will give me exactly these feelings but as I haven’t read them yet I’d guess using them as my answer would be cheating…

Right I’m going with Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone. It’s not the kind of book that immediately springs to mind when it comes to a ‘warm and fuzzy’ prompt but it is a favourite of mine that I could happily curl up under the covers and read time and time again. It has heart-warming moments within it, scenes that make me smile and a world that I love to get lost in. So it does make me feel warm and fuzzy really, in a very nostalgic kind of way.

Mockingjay is the first book that sprang to mind for this question and honestly? I think it’s the perfect answer for this prompt. The reds and oranges on my version of the book practically scream fall and just go so beautifully together.

Hmm I probably should have found another book for the previous question and placed the first Hunger Games book here. But I think Throne Of Glass is pretty action packed too. I can’t remember each individual book well enough (although I hope to re-read and finish off the series soon) to pick a specific book within this series but there’s definitely a lot of action involved. How could there not be with Celaena as the central character?

I honestly don’t see how I can put anything here other than Queen of Nothing. I need that book now! Seriously. I can not wait to see how the trilogy ends although… am I ready for it? I’m kind of terrified to find out what happens.

Thanks once again for tagging me to do this, I really enjoyed answering this set of questions (: I’m going to skip tagging people this time around as I’m not sure who has and hasn’t already done this tag, plus I know several people are busy with NaNoWriMo right now and are also probably planning for Blogmas. However if you want to do this tag though then consider yourself tagged and please do link back to me so that I can check out your answers (:


12 thoughts on “Fall Book Tag

  1. I could totally curl up with HP and the Philosopher’s stone too.. best book to read in winter for me 😍😍😍
    And I love ToG so much !!!
    Great answers !!!! Hope you had fun doing the tag…

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  2. Haha I totally get never having a response to warn fluffy books as I’ve read mostly fantasy but Harry Potter does fit well with this prompt as it brings back so many nice, warm feelings!! 💛
    Mockingjay is a very bright cover but I always think of the mostly black covers for the Hunger Games!! 😂
    Ooh.. I’ve been seeing Queen of Nothing about. I think it was released to day so that’s exciting for everyone!!
    Lovely tag and I love the autumn vibes it gave off!! 🍁🍂

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    1. I’m glad it’s not just me. The annoying thing is I’m sure I have warm, fuzzy books on my TBR I just never seem to get around to them. But I agree, it’s such a favourite and has so many warm memories.
      Ah I think I got mine when it first came out and it’s always staring at me from the bookshelf so I associate that cover with it. And Catching Fire with the purple version although I actually need to buy that book. Despite it being my favourite it’s the one I don’t own, instead I got it out the library twice 😅
      I know, now I need to avoid all the reviews until I’ve caught up on my library books and can read it 😂 I’m so excited though. I was going to preorder it but I found out Waterstones had a bonus edition with some letters in it so I was going to see if they look worth getting that version or not.
      Thanks (: I really enjoyed doing it.

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      1. Haha yes!! I read more this year than I ever have and I’ve probably only read 4 😂😂 It definitely does!!
        Yes that’s makes sense and it is nice to have a memory with the cover I find!! Aww.. Yes you will have to buy Catching Fire to complete the collection!! 😂
        Yes I know on Twitter I’ve seen people tweeting about it and everything 😂 oh that’s a smart idea to see what the bonus content is like first!!
        Yay!! 💛

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      2. Really? :L That’s more than me. I have so many that I’m interested in though so hopefully I’ll get some of them read next year.
        Yeah that’s true (: Definitely. I have the perfect excuse to anyway with the prequel coming out next year :L not that I really need an excuse to buy books.
        Ooh really? I’ll wait to join it until I’ve caught up then :L I ended up with the bonus content version. There weren’t a huge amount of letters but once I was in store and holding the book I couldn’t not instantly buy it :L I can’t wait to read it.

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      3. Yes 😊 aww.. well I hope you get to read them and love them!! 😊
        Of course the prequel is coming, how exciting!!! No I never need an excuse to buy books either 😂
        Haha I get that if I was in the store holding it I think I would have to buy it as well 😂 Yay!! I hope you love it!!

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      4. Thank you ❤️
        Definitely, I can’t wait for it to come out!!
        I doubt many readers do 😂
        I’m glad it’s not just me 😅 and thank you 😊 fingers crossed I’ll get to it fairly soon.

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