The Summer Bucket List Tag

It’s time for another tag and I’ve got to say that  initially this one couldn’t be any more perfectly timed in all honesty. Firstly I was tagged bang in the middle of a heatwave (although now it’s pretty much constant rain) and secondly it follows on perfectly from my last tag as well since that one was all about spring cleaning. Now it’s Fall  but I still love this tag so, finally, here it is.

Thank you so, so much Emma @ AFCTL for tagging me to do this post. If you haven’t done so already you should definitely check out her wonderful page, along with her fantastic answers to this set of prompts.

You can now find Emma on WordPress here.

This tag originated over at Read By Tiffany and I used the wonderful graphics provided by the creator of the Tag.

As this is a summer tag I’d love to make my answer to this a lovely little contemporary novel set at a beach where the characters get to bask in the sun and chill out by the waves but the only one of those that I can think of I’m saving for a later question. I also really want to stick with the other answer that occurred to me because, it may not be a beach read, but its definitely set by the water.

To Kill A Kingdom is a dark retelling of The Little Mermaid so some of it is set beneath the water, some aboard ships and the rest at various kingdoms spread across the seas. Its setting seems perfect for this prompt and the writing is utterly gorgeous. If you haven’t done so already I strongly suggest you check this book out. Also look up the quotes on Goodreads because until I did so recently I’d forgotten how exquisite some of the writing was.

Rose and Dimitri from the Vampire Academy series have a romance that is fiery as hell. It’s a forbidden romance so they have to fight their attraction for each other and there are so many ups and downs to it over the course of the series. There’s tension, heartbreak, some really steamy make out sessions, truly touching tender moments and a massive side of danger too. What could make for a more fiery romance than that? I’m specifically picking Blood Promise because oh boy do things get intense for them in that book!

Initially I thought I’d struggle to answer this question but I have no idea why because the more that I thought about it, the more that I realized how many books involve journeys of some kind. There are actually books that I could pick over a vast range of genres but this time I’m going to go for a YA contemporary novel from a series that I fell in love with when I was younger. It’s been years so I’d love to re-read this sometime but anyway… I’m picking Sealed With A Kiss because it just screams road trip to me. It’s the third book in the series and they all involve trips of some kind (the first to Paris, the second to a festival) but in this novel Edie and Dylan take a summer road trip to America and that just seemed like such a fitting choice for this prompt. There are ups and downs, tension, trouble, family reunions (from what I remember) and so much more.

On a slightly related note do you ever get memories of scenes from books that you can’t quite place? I have ‘journey’ memories (which is why I’m mentioning it here) that I think could be from Eve but I’m in no way certain.

Definitely Daughter Of Smoke And Bone. Everything about that book, and the series in general, was utterly addictive and dazzling. The story, the characters and magic are all so creative and enough to leave you starstruck on their own. I remember falling in love with the descriptions of places whilst reading this book too. The aspect of this series that left me totally awestruck though was the writing; Laini Taylor’s words weave together so wonderfully and her books are utterly gorgeous. They’re definitely the type to leave a reader speechless. Which also means I definitely need to hurry up and get on with Strange The Dreamer sometime.

I know this isn’t going to be a popular choice but I have to say Twilight for this one because when I first read it I quite literally could not put the books down. I was on holiday whilst reading them and despite being in a fairly loud environment I was so utterly intoxicated by the books that I spent every spare second that I could with my head buried in those pages. I actually really want to re-read the series sometime tbh. I understand some of the issues that people have with them but I really do hope that I still love them regardless.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but this is actually the hardest question of the lot for me to answer which is probably a bad thing. Why don’t I know many stories with sweet romances in them? Am I just being forgetful or what? So I’m going to pick Along For The Ride (the other book that I was tempted to pick for the first question) and hope that I’m remembering it clearly as it’s been several years and I’m in dire need of a re-read of this to remind me of the plot more clearly. I think this was a story that had an overall feeling of ‘cute’ to the romance though? I know I loved it and… well I’ll re-read it sometime to find out if I’m right about the couple being a sweet one. I do really want to read Stay Sweet and feel like that would probably make a good answer to this question (it even has ice cream on the cover!) but as I haven’t got around to it yet I can’t actually say whether it has a sweet romance or not with any true level of certainty :L

Do you know any cute romances? Future reading suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Okay I spoke too soon. This is the hardest question for me to answer although, again, I’m guessing that means I need to start picking up more upbeat, refreshing books! So, again, suggestions would be greatly appreciated for books to read in the future that are refreshing, upbeat, happy and bright. I really want to pick a contemporary YA novel for this but, although there are plenty that I’ve read and loved, I’d feel a bit odd about describing any of them as a breath of fresh air. Guitar Girl, for example, ripped my heart out and Cat Clarke’s books are generally quite crushing too.

So I’m going to have to say The Dark Days Club for this, even though it’s not really what I’d have initially expected to answer this prompt with. I love the book in the series that I’ve read so far though and really need to get on with the rest. I’d like to think of them as a breath of fresh air because they felt different to a lot of the fantasy books that I’ve read before. They merge Regency era London with demons and those whose job is it to slay them. With it’s mixture of demons and high society I loved this book and I did find the setting and concept refreshing… so that counts right?

For this I feel like I have to pick Jude from The Cruel Prince because she’s had to overcome so many obstacles and just continually seems to come up against more. Getting ripped violently from her home and having to adjust to life with the fae was an obstacle right from the very start. There’s one chapter in the first book, where she explains how she’s constantly in fear with a couple of descriptions of past fae based traumas, that I just find absolutely haunting. Then she comes up against constant betrayals and battles and just… ahhh… I have no idea how the hell she stays so strong.

Firstly I just want to say that I’m totally in awe of Emma’s answer to this question! Go and check it out because it’s so perfectly spot on and yet I don’t think I’d ever have managed to think of it.

I’m cheating and putting two answers to this question but only because I want to mention the second, but I’m trying very hard not to mention it every five minutes because honestly? I could :L

Firstly I picked Sweetly because it’s the answer that immediately sprang to mind for me when I saw this question. It’s a Hansel and Gretel retelling where the central characters are invited to stay with a beautiful candy maker. From what I remember this book has some really mouth watering descriptions of confectionery which is why it immediately sprang to mind. So yes, this definitely featured some delicious food!

Whilst thinking on the question more though I realized that another perfect answer when it comes to this prompt is surely Harry Potter? Food isn’t a major plot point or anything but there are so many examples of where it’s mentioned. The massive feasts, for one, where the plates refill themselves and everything looks, smells and tastes divine. It even adds in some different dishes when schools from other countries come to visit. The sweets and treats that have been thought up from Honeydukes are another, along with the contents of the food trolley that Harry immediately takes full advantage of. There are drinks that have been made up just for this world too. Plus there are Mrs. Weasley’s impossibly big meals. So yes, I’d say that the Harry Potter series also contains it’s fair share of delicious food.

Sorry for the overly long last answer.

Thanks so, so much once again to the lovely Emma for tagging me in this! I had a great time filling in these answers and it was just a really fun tag to do 😀 It also made me realize that I need to start picking up more light hearted and sweet novels too!

I’m not going to tag anyone this time as it’s now Fall and so many people have done this tag already that I wouldn’t know who to tag. If you’d still like to do this tag then consider yourself tagged though.

20 thoughts on “The Summer Bucket List Tag

    1. Thank you (: and it’s not, I’m just trying to catch up on all of my tags atm. So yours should be coming soon, I’m just trying to go through them in order and hopefully not miss anyone’s out. I’ve only read the one series by her so far but I have all of her books on my TBR and should be reading her short story collection fairly soon (:


  1. I’m glad you loved To Kill a Kingdom. I don’t think I have ever read a little mermaid retelling but this one sounds like a great one. I mean it is dark and has exquisite writing, sign me up!!!
    I’ve heard so many things about Laini Taylor’s writing but I’ve yet to experience it myself. I’m so glad you loved A Daughter of Smoke and Bone!!
    Aww.. twilight memories!! I actually read that book for school and I kind of love the nostalgia that it brings back. Do you have a favourite character from the books??
    Yes the food is Harry Potter is amazing!! Love it!! 😍😍
    I loved reading your answers and I love that this tag brought back all the memories of summer!! 💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you enjoy it if you get a chance to read it (: It’s definitely worth picking up and I loved the world so much! I don’t actually know many other retellings of it. There’s one by Louise O’Neill that I need to read. And I think there’s one in a series by various authors called Pearl but I could be wrong. I think I have a few others listed on my retelling TBR but I’d have to check :L
      Ah I had no idea you hadn’t read anything by her yet. I hope you get a chance to sometime because her writing was amazing in what I’ve read so far. I’m reading her short story collection next (I have it out of the library atm) and then hopefully I’ll get to Strange The Dreamer soon too as everybody seems to love that.
      Yeah I have fond memories of it too. I can’t believe you read it for school though. I guess it’s because it was popular? We mostly had classics though. Although, to be fair, one year we also had to read a book (I think it was Captain Underpants) where the teachers were being ate by toilets so… yeah :L I think that was the most bizarre book choice for a school ever.
      Maybe Alice? I loved her personality, ability and backstory. I know a lot of people dislike him but I actually liked Edward too though. Plus I found the Volturi fascinating; I always love learning about the bad guys. Do you have a favourite?
      Yeah I agree, especially the sweets :L
      Thank you (: I’m glad it made you think of summer… at least that’s one reason not to feel so bad for taking forever to post it.

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      1. Thank you, I added it on goodreads and I’m excited to get to it!! No I don’t know that many and I heard a few mixed things of the one by Louise O’Neill but the cover is beautiful!! That rings a bell actually!!
        Yes I’m excited to experience Laini Taylor’s writing, I need to get on that ASAP!!
        I did, I read it for well basically a readathon challenge at school and they told me to read Twilight for some reason so it wasn’t like required reading but if it wasn’t for school, I wouldn’t have read it!! But I know people in my school studied The Hungers Games and Noughts and Crosses in class so that’s cool.
        Oh wow classics and captain underpants– quite a change!! That is a very bizarre choice!!
        Yes Alice was great and her powers were so cool!! Haha I don’t mind Edward, I only read the first book but I’ve seen all the movies! The Volturi are interesting and they have a whole history, bad guys can be interesting. I like Charlie Swann, he is great!! Also Jasper, I always thought he was interesting too!!
        Yes haha!!
        Haha of course, it takes me a while to post tags as well tbh!! I think it is part of being a blogger tbh!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s wonderful to hear (: yeah I love the cover of it too. I’m definitely going to have to look at my list again soon as I’m sure I had a few more Little Mermaid retellings on it than three though.
        I need to get on with Strange The Dreamer ASAP as that’s so well loved too
        Oh right. When I got told to read something at school, not for English but assigned reading during registration, I got a dictionary -_- I was not impressed. But that’s awesome about those book choices. I’ve read them both but neither was for school. I just saw them in store and brought them i think.
        Yep it was odd.
        Yeah I really liked her and I loved her powers. I’ve read and seen them all. Well besides the new one which I do want to read sometime but I’m also kind of sceptical about. Yeah I love learning the history of different characters (: ooh cool, I actually saw him on a fair few booklists on father’s Day. And yes Jasper was super interesting too (:
        At least it’s not just me then 😅

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Aw.. It is nice that you have a list so you remember them all 😂
        It is well loved and I certainly want to read it as well!!
        Oh wow a dictionary, you can’t get a lot out of reading that!! That is a bizarre choice!! Yeah I thought it was good for the school to bring some good YA books on! 😊
        Aw.. that’s cool!! I haven’t actually heard much about the new book tbh!! Yes I think there are a lot of cool background characters in the books like in Breaking Dawn part 2. I thought she was going to do more about secondary characters but she never did. Haha yeah!! 😂
        Nope not at all!! 😊


      4. I only have it separate as I want to try and write a retelling – or several – one day and I thought it was a good idea to see what’s been done before first, to try and make mine different. I just looked and Fathomless is one which I’ve actually read so IDK how I forgot about it. And Sea Witch which I see quite often so again IDK how I forgot that one either.
        Fingers crossed we both get to soon then.
        I know!! I was so unimpressed. It was (: and it was probably more likely to inspire people to carry on reading.
        Me either really. I had a quick look and it appeared to just have a few names changed but at some point I assume it differs as it sounded like there were different characters involved. I honestly don’t know though. Yes I agree, there were so many different vampires from all around the world in that one. I don’t know why none of them have ever been followed. I heard there was meant to be another Host book and that never happened either though. And Twilight from Edward’s POV got cancelled which I find kind of annoying as, being a mind reader, he could have given you an insight into everyone else.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Yes I get that and it is very organised 😂 I have a retelling tag on goodreads!! Oh I hadn’t heard of that one. Oh yes I see Sea Witch around a bit too now you’ve mentioned it!!
        I know 😞 but yes that is true and I think it would make a difference which is nice!!
        Oh that sounds different. Not what I imagined though 😂😂
        Yeah that would have been cool!! Yes I heard that too. Maybe she got put off as she received a bit of hate… I don’t know. Oh I didn’t think of that but yes his mind reader ability would have provided an interesting insight 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      6. I have a bit of a list addiction and it’s a really bad thing 🙈😂 ooh I think I spotted that ☺️
        Yeah it would be wonderful if schools picked more popular books for students to read.
        I think Bella’s the vampire in it and Edward the human. Idk though.
        I heard that with the Edward one it was because what she’d written so far got leaked. Were the Host sequels ever really mentioned though? I literally only heard about them on Goodreads. I agree (:

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Haha I do love lists!! 😂
        I think it would make a difference!! Oh that rings a bell actually. It is certainly a twist in the original 😂 oh right that’s a shame then!!
        Yes I’ve never heard much about the host sequels either so I don’t know!! 🙈

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Me too 😀
        Yes I do too. I was really curious about it when I first learnt about it then it looked like only a few words were changed. It must differ at some point though if new characters are introduced /:
        Me either really. I don’t think they’ll ever happen tbh. Although who knows? Everybody else seems to suddenly be writing sequels.


  2. Awww thank you for mentioning my new site, Charlotte!
    I loved reading all your answers to these prompts, it is super fun!
    Twilight holds a lot of Nostalgia for me, and I do indulge in a reread every now and then (shhh don’t tell anyone!)
    – Emma 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s okay, I thought it made sense to include it so people knew to follow you there now (:
      Thank you and I’m sorry for taking so long to post it. I got it typed up before that first hiatus then just never seemed to catch up on my backlog of posts. I’m really trying to now though.
      Aww I’m glad I’m not alone in that. I definitely hope to get a chance to re-read it next year (I haven’t in ages and would really like to but would also like to read my newest purchases first).


      1. I think I’ll probably get to the next of yours (20 questions) next weekend. I’ve got most of it written up, I’ve just left the ones about most recent reads to fill in until nearer the time.
        Thanks, me too (:

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Ohhh I definitely did not think of using Harry Potter as the answer to the topic with a lot of food! That’s such a great idea! 😀

    I agree so much about Jude…my goodness, how HARD she has worked to overcome everything in her way (and eek! I cannot wait for the Queen of Nothing ahhhh!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you (: I think I only thought of it as Emma used THG and I was trying to think of something else unexpected :L

      I know! She’s had so much to endure. And me either! It’s so close now!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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