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Accidental Hiatus – Will Hopefully Be Back Soon

Sorry for mostly disappearing over the last few weeks. I was quite ill at the start of the month and as a result failed to get two review books read before they were released. Once better I wanted to focus on getting those two books read and reviewed which I’ve now sort of done. The reviews are typed up and ready but I can’t post them as I have no internet access other than mobile which is too limited for me to use to blog.

So basically someone managed to cut through my phone line when digging up the road and as a result I’m not entirely sure when I’ll next be online. I’d love to say it’ll only be a few days but last time that this happened it took over a fortnight for someone to get around to fixing it. So I won’t be online for a little while but I do hope to be back soon. If you need to contact me you can send an email or else message me on Instagram. And hopefully the internet will be back up and running soon as I have all of my October posts saved & ready to go.

Finally I haven’t forgotten anyone’s tags. I have five to post soon; three already in my drafts and the most recent two on Word waiting to be transferred to a proper post once I can get online.

Sorry again for disappearing. Fingers crossed I’ll be back soon.


8 thoughts on “Accidental Hiatus – Will Hopefully Be Back Soon

    1. Yeah it does feel like rather a lots gone wrong. Thank you, I hope so too but I wanted to warn people in case it take a while. And a lot better than I did thanks so hopefully im ok now.


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