Book Review: The Lost Sisters by Holly Black

Sometimes the difference between a love story and a horror story is where the ending comes . . . 

While Jude fought for power in the Court of Elfhame against the cruel Prince Cardan, her sister Taryn began to fall in love with the trickster, Locke. 

Half-apology and half-explanation, it turns out that Taryn has some secrets of her own to reveal.

‘Be bold, be bold, but not too bold.
        It’s important that we learn the lessons our mother didn’t.

After the end of The Cruel Prince I’ve got to admit that I really wasn’t a fan of Taryn, although that’s not to say that I wasn’t interested by her character. Reading about her is fascinating but, if forced to think of her on an emotional level, I find her pretty unlikable thanks to previous actions. The opportunity to learn more about those actions, and see her point of view on certain events, intrigued me to no end however, so naturally I picked up this story. Although, regardless of character, I’m pretty sure I’d take any chance to delve back into Elfhame and Holly Black’s marvellous writing.

This short story got off to a dark and horrifying start, with Taryn telling a twisted tale that is sure to draw most readers in. It was brutal to say the least; but it definitely left me eager for more. From there the fairy tale feel of this story carried on throughout, something that seemed to fit quite well considering both Taryn’s and Locke’s love of stories. I learnt more about both of those characters in this novella although I can’t say that I’ve warmed much to either. They fascinate me regardless however and I look forward to seeing what they’ll both do next.

So yes I recommend this novella to anyone whose read The Cruel Prince but definitely also suggest reading The Cruel Prince first due to spoilers. I’ve also got to say that, short as this was, I’d still love to read other novellas set within this world and follow other – or the same – characters. I just find all things Elfhame one hundred percent addictive.

Check The Lost Sisters out on Goodreads here.

I strive to keep my reviews completely spoiler free but if anyone wants to discuss anything about the book in more detail (or just give me an excuse to gush about it) then feel free to contact me in the comment section below.


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